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Keep Em Going

KEG Fiber Animals

KEG Fiber Animals
Border Collies
Nigerian Dwarfs
2016 SALES

English Garden

Welcome to Keep Em Going's Fiber Critter Page. After a couple years of experimental spinning with various fibers, our census is at an all time low right now as we develop our program's most opportune size for a quality hobby spinner's flock. We currently have 3 NASSA registered Shetland Ewes courtesy of WhisperingPines Shetland Sheep.
We participate in Micron testing through Texas Agri-life. I think it is important to have a scientific gage to verify what "hands on" may feel acceptable for hand spinning. Decisions in any future breeding program will also be affected by these results. 
Some fleece went to a mill to make  Wool/Mohair blend roving. Watch my etsy store for what fiber items we have available.

WhisperingPines First Frost