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KeepEmGoing's Blur x Zeke 2013
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Our 2013 litter is out of KeepEmGoing's Just a Blur by Way To Me Zeke.
Watch this site for weekly updates as the litter grows from whelp to wean.
The pups are due around July 8th and will head to new homes at the end of August.
We are about as excited as one can get as Blur raises her final litter. She is an extremely devoted mother and goes beyond when most mothers have had enough. More about Blur can be seen on her page. Blur's previous pups including our Splash are having great success in flyball posting sub 4.0's, agility, dockdiving, disc and training in herding.
Zeke is an accomplished agility dog that has also dabbled in herding. Pictures, info and videos can be seen on his page. He sired our 2012 litter out of Splash and when we first met exceeded my expectations in what I look for in a stud dog. His first pups are all in training for agility, flyball and herding.
Our dogs are intense and do belong in homes that accommodate their busy agendas. We strongly recommend being active in one of the above venues if you wish to pursue a future with a KeepEmGoing Border Collie.
The stats...
Zeke is a nicely proportioned male at 19in and 36 lbs. He is OFA good, CEA/CL-DNA normal. Blur is 18in and 28 lbs, she is OFA good and CERF normal. We expect to see small to moderate sized border collies (somewhere in the 30-40 lb range varied by gender.)
The process...
Patience Is KEY!
Once you are approved for a puppy in this litter a non-refundable $200 deposit will be required. Our pups will be evaluated as they grow, and matched for homes based on best suited environments for each pup. This means selection will not take place at birth, or based on markings or color. Check out KeepEmGoing's puppy page for more detailed info. This litter will be registered with ABCA and AKC both limited registration. Click here to see ABCA's form. To understand AKC limited registration click here.