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KEG's Touch of Grey
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KEG's Touch of Grey Splash! FD FDX FDCh FDCh-S
ABCA - 356121
AKC - DN26430704
CERF - Normal


Splash is our Blur daughter from Blur x Token 2009
With Splash, life is fun! She is sweet, happy, excited, busy and always on the move. Splash is our Mexican jumping bean. It isn't uncommon to be splashed in the face.
On a serious note, she is devoted, focused, eager to learn, trains effortlessly, has no neurotic tendencies or sound sensitivities. She takes all the desired qualities of our previous dogs and then some.
She is my hiking and geocaching companion who has to cover 3x's the ground we do as she zips around on the trails. She loves disc and big air is a requirement in her book.
Splash is in her first year of flyball racing and I can't be happier. She began flyball in fall of 2011 and currently races with BorderZone. We trained basics at home, then team practiced a bit for passes. Primarily we are running open with no regular practice schedule. She is running next to flawless, will run any position, is not inhibited by what dogs she races with, and so far posts 4.1's with a pass. Once she harnesses her energy in the ring, she is gonna be fast!


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